Rory and Christine Butler

We (Rory Butler and Christine Rogers) both started at LHS in 1957 (having earlier sat beside each other in Primer 2 at Linwood North Primary back in 1949).

She went on to Teachers’ Training College after her Form 6B year and, a year later I went on to Canterbury University.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our time at LHS. We had great teachers and great friends. I had a couple of years as a lab boy in Room 1, became the school photographer for some years, and eventually ended up as RSM of the cadets. We both became prefects, Chris in 1960 and I in 1961.

Why did we donate?

We decided to make a small monthly donation to the new college in recognition of our happy times at Linwood. Hopefully, over the years, this will amount to a useful amount, and we’d encourage others to do the same. Just imagine the results if one percent of ex-students joined us.

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