A Word From The Principal

Those of us who are in Christchurch and have been able to drive down Aldwins Rd will have seen just how impressive the rebuilt school is. Furthermore, we are completely on track for moving back to Aldwins Rd for term two as planned. We are delighted with this positive progress considering the disruption of Covid, building supply issues and the like.

Additionally, the school roll has increased dramatically. With the current roll standing at 869 and the first stage of Te Aratai College built for 850, talk is already underway about pulling forward stage 2 of Te Aratai College build. Stage 2 is for 1200 students. Stage 3, which is all Master planned for, is 1800 students.

Te Aratai College is a wonderful new chapter for our community, continuing the legacy of Linwood College and Linwood High School. Both pre- and post-earthquake we have waited a long time for this. Our students put up with a lot and now, truly, it is our school’s turn, our Golden opportunity.

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